Welcome to the Endo team Dr Andrew Williams


We are very excited to announce a new member of the Endo team, Dr Andrew Williams

Andrew joins the team in the capacity of Research and Development Manager heading up evidence building and dissemination of knowledge across the Endo range of products, specifically EndoTherm, for which his experience in energy and thermofluids is ideally matched.
Dr Williams holds a first class Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University, has been an active researcher in the areas of energy and thermofluids since 2001. He spent over 15 months simulating novel combustion systems at Jaguar Cars (now Jaguar Land Rover) before returning to Loughborough University to earn his PhD.

Dr Williams has acted as Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for their flagship engineering programme, Mechanical Engineering, at Loughborough University. In 2018 he moved to University of Chester as Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead where he began to apply his expertise in energy and thermofluids to the challenge of heating system decarbonization and hydronic heat transfer modifiers.

Andrew has also acted as organizer for and presented at numerous international conferences, supervised seven PhDs to completion and examined many doctoral candidates both within the UK and internationally. He co-leads a UK Fluids Network Special Interest Group, has acted as an academic advisor for the Energy Technologies Institute and is an ad-hoc member of DEFRA’s Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG).

He adds:

“Hydronic heat transfer modifiers offer a plethora of opportunities for influencing water side heat transfer, with fluids that can be designed to give different effects at different locations and different times within a heating system. We shouldn’t fear the complexity of what we can do and how it interacts with the system, but instead embrace the opportunity for cost-effective near-term low-disruption carbon reduction in our heating systems.”

“EndoTherm is an exciting product that has lots of potential to contribute to decarbonisation of our heating infrastructure. I am excited to be a part of its ongoing development and delivering the maximum carbon reduction possible.”

EndoTherm is an energy and carbon saving additive for any wet heating system. Visit the product website at www.endotherm.com for further information or contact us now via our enquiry form below to discuss your ‘net zero’ carbon and sustainability goals.

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