Endo Enterprises is delighted to have been informed that EndoTherm has been shortlisted in the Shell Springboard low-carbon innovation awards.

Since 2005, Shell Springboard has awarded almost 100 innovative low-carbon enterprises in the UK and 2018 looks to be no different. From a huge pool of high quality applications, 16 of the most innovative low-carbon solutions have been shortlisted and will pitch to a panel of judges in March.

EndoTherm has been recognised due to it being a unique innovation that both reduces carbon emissions and shows commercially viability.

“For Shell to shortlist our energy saving additive, EndoTherm, shows a new level of recognition from those who are looking to future methods of global carbon reduction.
Shell, wishes to play a strong part in helping the UK find affordable, cleaner energy solutions for a low carbon future and has found EndoTherm! We are of course delighted and thankful for this news and look forward to the finals presentation in two months’ time.”
Ben Sallon, Managing Director of Endo Enterprises

Shell Springboard, delivers an integrated approach to developing the innovation pipeline by supporting UK entrepreneurs in growing innovative enterprises.

“The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of low-carbon small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can play a vital role in addressing this energy transition whilst accelerating the UK’s economic growth. New ventures are efficient innovators and often the sources of disruptive technologies. This is why SMEs account for over 90 per cent of the UK’s low-carbon sector, estimated to be worth £121 billion to the UK economy”
Shell Springboard

Shell is proud to have supported some of the brightest and most inspirational business ideas and with the inclusion of EndoTherm on the shortlist we hope that together, we can create a smarter, more sustainable future.


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