We are delighted to announce that EndoTherm’s performance as an energy saving technology has been verified by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) under their Product Verification Service.



The Energy Saving Trust, based in the UK are a leading and trusted organisation helping people save energy every day. Their experts engage with millions of householders every year, deliver first class programmes for governments and provide consultancy to UK businesses and international companies.

The Energy Saving Trust in-depth Verification process reviewed a whole range of evidence from independent laboratory tests, field tests (both commercial and domestic) as well as a review of our ISO 9001 and manufacturing procedures and showed sufficient evidence to support a claim that EndoTherm is an energy saving technology.

EndoTherm now appears on the EST register and is identified as the ONLY verified heating additive. Click here to visit the EndoTherm page on the Energy Saving Trust website.

‘This is a big step forward for the EndoTherm product. As a new technology, presenting overwhelming proof of energy savings from accredited laboratories and 3rd party case studies has often proved challenging to the naysayers. The Energy Saving Trust has worked thoroughly to assess all aspects of the product from quality of production to savings experienced by our customers. The EST verification is the ultimate accolade for EndoTherm and it means a lot to all at Endo and all our partners’

David Taylor CBE – Chairman of Endo Enterprises (UK) Ltd



If you would like to learn more about EndoTherm or the Energy Saving Trust verification please get in touch by using the contact box below or calling the office on +44 (0)1925 747 101.


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