Passionate about the environment as we are passionate about our technology contributing to a better world.


There is no doubt that our company policies and dedicated staff have a green outlook. We are proud to produce products whose very essence are to reduce pollution, carbon emissions and environmental waste.

Our campaign to introduce environmentally conscious technology raises awareness of the limitations and pitfalls of some of the traditional approaches to water disinfection and energy use.

We strive to comply and exceed existing environmental regulations and regularly assess the relevant environmental effects of our customer’s activities and our own operations. We also expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.

Treatment & efficient use of water.

We strongly believe the world’s water supply is a most precious resource, yet the process cycle of water usage in even in the most developed countries is far behind a truly sustainable approach.

Endo Enterprises represent an alternative approach to water treatment, using biodegradable technology to challenge old chemistry.

Clean water means healthy living, for human or animal consumption. Whether used in production or in finished products, ensuring good quality of water is a cornerstone of our company.

With over 70 years of combined experience in water treatment we are well placed to assist our customers in choosing more responsible water treatment solutions.

Reducing CO2 emissions.

Endo Enterprises are dedicated to protecting the environment by helping thousands of commercial buildings and households to improve the energy efficiency.

Take a look at the performance of our award winning EndoTherm, and you’ll see how the energy efficiency improvements we are providing are saving tonnes of CO2 every year for each and every building it is installed into.


Click here to see how EndoTherm reduces carbon emissions and becomes carbon neutral after just one day of use

Efficiency begins at home.

Not only do we help others to reduce their carbon footprint, we work hard to reduce our own too. By implementing a number of environmentally friendly measures, we are constantly improving the way we work, to reduce our own impact on the environment.

We fulfil this commitment by:

  • Complying with environmental regulations.
  • Conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Applying the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all processes.
  • Promoting environmental responsibility among our employees.
  • Striving to ensure that suppliers agree to comply with environmental regulations.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement in our environmental performance.
  • Clearly communicating Endo Enterprises environmental policy, practices, and impact to interested parties.

It’s the only planet we have!

We sincerely hope our ability to develop and select environmentally sound products along with our dynamic approach to each market sector will make some impact in ensuring we look after the planet in the way it looks after us.

Endo Enterprises are proud to share our Environmental policy and green product credentials upon request.


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