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At Endo Enterprises we pride ourselves in having a unique and powerful range of products. We are experts in water treatment and our products are designed to provide big benefits and optimisations where water is used commercially, industrially, and domestically.

Our products provide the capability to improve the quality of water and alter its properties to suit many applications. All of our product claims are supported by independent, third party testing and accreditation with a big library of real-world, customer verified case studies.

We are also very proud to have received many awards and industry recognition for the performance of our products. Please feel free to contact our team for any further information.

EndoSan – Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide

EndoSan is a market leading, highly effective disinfectant that has unrivalled stability making it ideal for disinfecting water, surfaces and spaces. Based on a unique stabilisation formula EndoSan is a powerful oxidising biocide much more effective than regular hydrogen peroxide or traditional chlorine-based disinfectants. EndoSan simply degrades into water and oxygen, producing no harmful disinfectant by-products or residues.

EndoSan is proven to kill legionella bacteria and unlike traditional water treatment chemistries is able to penetrate and remove biofilm at low, regulation-compliant dose rates.

EndoTherm – Energy and Carbon Saving Additive for Heating Systems

EndoTherm is a multi-award winning additive for use in any water based (hydronic) heating system. By altering the surface tension properties of the fluid inside the heating system EndoTherm is able to improve heat transfer and energy efficiency by up to 15%.

A reduction in surface tension allows the heating system fluid to make a better thermal contact within a heating system allowing greater liberation of heat. Set temperatures are reached quicker and boiler cycles reduced resulting in a reduction in energy consumption. A reduction in energy consumption also means a reduction in greenhouse gasses (ghg) and carbon emissions.

EndoCool – Energy and Carbon Saving Additive for Chilled Water Systems

EndoCool is an energy and carbon reduction additive for use in any chilled water hvac system. Powered by the same chemistry as EndoTherm, EndoCool reduces the surface tension of the fluid inside the secondary circuit of a chilled water system providing better thermal contact and transfer efficiency.

EndoCool reduces the workload of the chiller system, reducing the energy consumed to maintain set point temperatures. EndoCool was awarded Air Conditioning Product of the Year at the 2021 Cooling Industry awards.

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