EndoCool Energy Saving Additive for Chilled Water Systems

Energy Saving Additive for Chilled Water Systems.


Chilled water systems are dosed with chemicals to modify heat transfer properties and protect the systems pipework from freezing.

EndoCool™ enhances the heat transfer properties of the system fluid, reducing the workload of the compressor therefore delivering energy savings.

EndoCool™ is part of the multi award winning EndoTherm™ family of technologies.

Key Benefits.

Save money on cooling costs

Quick and easy to install

Fast return on investment

Large carbon reduction potential

Independently tested technology

Developed and manufactured in the UK


Compatible with inhibitors and glycols

Available now

Example Chiller Circuit.


Below is a diagram of a typical chiller circuit. EndoCool™ is designed to be installed and effective within the secondary (blue) circuit.

Available now!

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